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Our coffee comes from some lovely people called Paddy & Scott

Their Classic Espresso is a beautifully balanced, smooth but punchy blend of five Arabica gourmet beans blended and roasted the Italian way.

Seriously, good coffee.


We all need somewhere to go.  Somewhere we can switch off, relax and indulge in a bit of nothingness.

If your shed doesn't have the room to allow you this luxury, then come and share ours.

We can provide you with a (seriously good) coffee, Danish pastry, freshly prepared roll or one of many other yummy things.

We can offer you a comfy seat, lend you a newspaper and also enjoy one of our heavenly foot massages (OK, that last bit was a fib). You can even bring your slippers, but no pipes are allowed - sorry.

For anyone who actually needs to do some work, there is free internet access.

Come and hideout with us at The SHED. We wont tell anyone.

Loyalty Card

You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours.

Buy 10 coffee's* and we will give you one absolutely free**

Pickup a loyalty card when you pop in next
and we'll start stamping it right away.

* Tea lovers, this includes you too. 
** Regular size (we have rent to pay)

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